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Radio Frequency Radiation and your Health: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH:

Radio Frequency Radiation and your Health: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH:

Just because a truth is inconvenient and will cause disruption to our accepted ways of life, unfortunately does not make it false. Radio frequency radiation exposure in my opinion and as evidenced by a large amount of research has a direct effect on our health.

As healers we have spent years practicing and developing our sensitivity to energy fields for the benefit of our patients and ourselves.


As my sensitivity has developed I have also noticed an increasing sense of energetic disruption and discomfort sitting at my computer whether I was at home or in the office. I could feel I was being bombarded with energy fields that my body did not like. I was getting hot flashes, a tingling in my face, feeling irritable, uncomfortable and like there was some energy I wanted to shake from my body, but I had difficulty getting it out.

I had heard about the potential dangers from cell phone signals and WiFi, but I told myself that this was the way of the world and it was impossible to avoid. I am sorry to say I felt overwhelmed and was afraid of the disruption it would cause in my life to know for sure.

Then in 2019 I was introduced by Virginia Hines, a Concord resident, member of Safe Technology Concord and a director of the EMR Network at a forum she helped organize, on the science and research behind it. The evidence in my opinion is overwhelming. Although industry sponsored research may come to a different conclusion causing controversy, if you look at the research done by doctors and scientists it is clear. The frequencies emitted by wireless devices have been linked to everything from headaches, fatigue, brain fog and high blood pressure to infertility and cancer through the disruption of DNA and various cellular functions.

This article is not meant to be an exhaustive literature review or scientific thesis, (I provide links at the bottom if you would like to do more research yourself) but rather to tell our story of our process of getting Radio Frequency Radiation RFR out of our home and office environments to the best of our ability.

It was at least a year after learning the science that I had the courage to face that inconvenient truth and buy a RFR Meter and see for myself what we were being exposed to. Here is what we found.

The meter measured the amplitude (strength) of frequency waves within a certain range (200 MHz to 12 GHz), the range created by wireless technology including cell phones. The amplitude measurements fell into categories as displayed on the meter from green or Slight (under 10) through yellow, orange and red to blinking red – Extreme over 10,000.

We were horrified to find that the highest readings of over 2 million and came from the Wireless Router emitting the WiFi signal and the Microwave oven while it was on, even standing 10 feet away. Extreme readings of tens or hundreds of thousands came from our Cordless phones and the bases that charge them, the printer on wireless mode and the computer tower on WiFi mode. My cell phone when on was emitting amplitude waves of between 30,000 and 350,000 (both in the extreme range) depending on what it was doing and which end of the phone you were pointing the meter at.

Seeing these readings and especially what a “hotspot” our desk areas were from a combination of the WiFi for the internet, Blutooth connection to the printer and speakers and cordless phone base explained the feeling I had while sitting there and was motivation to overcome the inconvenience of that truth and make whatever changes we would have to make.

We decided to take the plunge and started researching what would have to be done to avoid the effects of radio frequency radiation on our health. Here is what we did:

1. Hardwired all the computers using Ethernet cables to the router and turned the WiFi off completely, both through the internet provider and in the computer settings. **Make sure to use shielded Cat6 Cables so you don’t increase the EMFs while you are decreasing the RFR. We did not know about this in time and may have to redo all the Ethernet wiring. https://www.electrahealth.com/cat6.html

2. Hardwired the IPads to the internet also using an adapter that provides Ethernet and electricity for charging it. (you can also do this for IPhones and get on the internet while keeping the phone on airplane mode to avoid the cell signal) https://redpark.com/products/ethernet-adapters/ other companies may make adapters too.

3. Hardwired the printers to the computers and turned off the WiFi settings in the printers.

4. Replaced wireless speakers with wired ones and turned off the Bluetooth in the computers.

5. Replaced all cordless phones with corded landline phones.

6. Decided to use our cell phones only for emergencies, keep them powered off and to replace texting with email as a primary source of communication. (In another blog I will further explore what can be done if you cannot get away from your cell phone for work reasons).

7. For this reason we are asking everyone going forward to leave you cell phone out by your shoes (on silent, and powered off is even better) and not bring it into the adjusting room at all so our Healing Space is as free of Radio Frequency Radiation as possible for everyone’s benefit.

Before we completed all the hardwiring we took preliminary steps of at least turning off the router (by turning off the power switch it was plugged into) at night and not having any electronic equipment in the bedroom, especially the cell phone (buy a simple battery powered alarm clock if you use your cell as an alarm clock).

Nighttime while you are asleep is the most important time to be protected from RFR so your brain can body will be as undisturbed as possible while you are detoxifying your brain and repairing all of your cells.

Once we made all of these changes the living space in our home went from a meter reading of Red – High to a beautiful Green reading of 2 or 3 and boy could we feel the difference! The house suddenly had the energy of the woods; peaceful and harmonious, and I no longer felt assaulted while sitting at my desk.

Since we did all the wiring ourselves it was relatively inexpensive, the most expensive components were the IPad adapters which we needed 5 of. There are many books and guides and professionals (Building Biologists) who can help if you need it.

Our next adventure (to be reported on in the future) is to address the EMFs, the electrical and magnetic fields that come from electrical wiring and appliances. We are going to get professional consultation on this one after purchasing an EMF meter because it seems more complicated.

If you want to measure the fields in your home you may want to get a meter that measures all three types of fields: https://www.trifield.com/ or start just with RFR with the meter we used https://safelivingtechnologies.com/safe-and-sound-pro-ii-rf-meter/ or any other of your choice.

Many truths in life are not convenient, or it would not seem to be such a natural part of human nature to resist, but in the end the truth is the only thing that will really set us free.


EMR Network: https://emrnetwork.org/

Environmental Health Trust: https://ehtrust.org/


Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications: www.manhattanneighbors.org


ElectromageneticHealth.org: www.electromagnetichealth.org

Campaign for Radiation Free Schools (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/groups/110896245588878

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Tech Safe Schools: https://www.techsafeschools.org/

Building Biology Institute where you can search for trained professional to assess and remediate exposure issues: https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/

 “Physician’s Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment” is an organization founded by Dr. Erika Mallery-Blythe MD https://phiremedical.org/

Link between Thyroid Cancer and Cell Phones? https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/23/9129

EUROPAEM the EMF Guidelines from 2016 for Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of EMF related health problems: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27454111/

This is the website for a group that does detection and remediation and they have a lot of great educational information https://www.emf-experts.com/

  • Jean
    Posted at 16:27h, 27 February

    I praise you for doing this. I think it is wonderful that you accomplished this. I have a very good friend that turns everything off at night, and I mean everything.She unplugs it all. 😀

  • Phil MIlgrom
    Posted at 03:10h, 06 March

    Thank you for sharing this important information, Dr. Deborah. In this country, there’s too little concern, mainly because there’s big money in maintaining the status quo. Countries in Europe are much more careful, especially with children, who are most vulnerable. But EMF affects us all. I bought a cage for my router which blocks much of the radiation without inhibiting functionality significantly. I have a special case for my phone that protects me when talking or keeping it in my pocket. It also protects the phone from damage. I have dropped it many times with no problem. Cruz, SafeSleeve, and RadiArmor are good products. I also have a couple caps that protect my brain while working around the house or driving. My favorite place to purchase products that protect from EMF is https://www.lessemf.com/. You can call the store for advice. They are very helpful. Best wishes.

  • Cece Doucette
    Posted at 14:28h, 04 May

    Thank you so much for finding the courage to investigate and remediate the wireless radiation issue! This is such a great example for others to follow. Folks are also welcome to see Massachusetts for Safe Technology. We hold monthly meetings to share best practices and progress in individual towns toward safe technology, as well as inroads at the state/policy level. Please see https://www.ma4safetech.org/.

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