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After 10 years of chronic pain I had nearly given up hope that I would ever feel better. I am beyond grateful to Network Chiropractic for proving me wrong! In addition to my back being pain free, I have also also experienced better sleep, less PMS, decreased anxiety, and increased flexibility. As a trauma informed therapist I have recommended Network Chiropractic of Acton to clients, friends, and family. I hope you will go see for yourself that you don’t have to live in pain and healing is possible!


Holistic Nutritionist

I have been seeing Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry regularly for the past several months and can't say enough good things about my experience with both of them. They are both highly intuitive and seem to know exactly what my spine and body need at each appointment. I've experienced not only less pain and tightness throughout my neck and spine, but also more openness throughout my body, decreased stress/anxiety, and improved sleep. My husband and my mom are now going in for sessions as well and they have been highly satisfied with the results!

Vanessa & Vania

Vania & Vanessa

Mother & Daughter

My daughter recommended Drs. Deborah & Barry to me. I have been suffering from back pain from a car accident injury for over 25 years and never thought it would be possible to correct the situation. Within my 2 first visits I saw immediate results!
- Vania
I injured my rotator cuff and was not able to use my arm for over 6 months. Nothing I tried helped. I was recommended to Drs. Deborah & Barry and within 3 visits I was able to get full mobility of my shoulder!
- Vanessa



Holistic Esthetician

Astounding results!! Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry have been able to do what 25 years of doctors and medical treatments could not – take away chronic, often unbearable, neck/shoulder/back pain and migraines from a car accident. I felt a reduction of pain from the first treatment, and now, I barely have any pain and most days have none. (Yes, none!) Before, I could not travel, work extended hours, sleep lying flat, or sleep through the night – and I was always in considerable pain and on medication. Now I can do everything, haven’t had to take any medication – and I’m sleeping great! The treatments are very gentle and calming, and everyone there is so compassionate and kind. They gave me my life and happiness back!

Jessie Testimonial


Executive Administrative Assistant

There is no way to explain in words the transformation that’s possible with Network Chiropractic, emotionally and of course physically. It has helped me with everything from sciatica to allergies to difficult emotions which can be stored physically in the body as tension. It’s also incredibly relaxing, and very different than the ‘snapping’ feeling of traditional chiropractic. The doctors are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, both with over 20 years of experience, and the office staff is compassionate and friendly.




It is hard to believe how gentle and therapeutic light touch chiropractic is! The results are impressive. I had severly injured my neck 47 years ago and currently work in a position that is looking down much of the time. As a result my upper back was like cement. Within a few short sessions we both exclaimed "WOW!" at the amount of flexibility that had returned. Moving stuck energies is magical and I encourage you to look into trying Network Chiropractic.




As a psychotherapist I have referred clients who are struggling, especially with anxiety, to receive Network Chiropractic from Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond. They are working to balance the nervous system to release the effects of everyday stressors and this has been immensely helpful to my clients. The treatment that my clients receive at Network Chiropractic complements the holistic work that I offer. It is so helpful to work with such good healers.



Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry have been treating me since I had a shoulder injury in 2009. My shoulder symptoms were eliminated in just a few visits, and I also found a release of tension throughout my entire body. In 2017 I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, and was put on high doses of medication. After 1 treatment (I had not seen them in about a year) my Blood Pressure dropped to normal. Currently I try to see Dr. Deborah & Dr. Barry for Preventative Maintenance of Mind Body & Spirit.



A year ago, I was a chiropractic skeptic, in chronic pain and feeling trapped in a cycle of lethargy bordering on despair. Within three visits at Network Chiropractic, I was sleeping through the night and able to walk all the way around the block with my dog for the first time. A year later, I feel as if I have my young self back...pain-free, motivated, emotionally healthy and losing weight for the first time in a decade. Their holistic approach and gentle touch therapeutic practice has literally changed my life.

Anna Maria

Optometry Professional

I started going to Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry to loosen up all the tight spots on my back caused by sitting all day and bad posture but I had also suffered from insomnia that started a year ago. I would wake up between 8-12 times so I never got any deep restorative sleep. I had tried holistic approaches and Western medicine and nothing helped so I had given up. By my 4th visit with Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry my insomnia literally disappeared. I beyond highly recommend them.


Retired Teacher

I have been a frequent practice member since just after Network Chiropractic opened. Doctors Deborah and Barry have helped my body/mind connect through the deep relaxation caused by their light touch method. Each week my adjustment is a welcome reset and decompression resulting in better sleep, less hip and shoulder pain and a return to emotional and mental equilibrium. Drs. Deborah and Barry truly facilitate the body's own healing abilities with loving care.



I began treatments when I had severe lower back pain and it was difficult to even walk. The “gentle touch” claim drew me in - plus flexible and evening hours. I started with several times a week at first and gradually weaned down to once a week. I’ve been going weekly for over a year now for wellness care. My weekly visits purge my body of the buildup of stresses, reset my alignment, and energize me. It’s self-care and prudent prevention.



Professional Singer

I have been regularly visiting Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond at Network Chiropractic for many years. Since day one, their therapeutic, gentle touch chiropractic care has been an important part of my regular wellness practice. I appreciate their ability to "read" my body, and to suggest and support the concept of the patient as an active participant in the healing process. I look forward to entering their tranquil and restorative space each visit


Mom of 3

I have been under the care of Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond for a few years now. They provide excellent care that goes beyond the adjustment session. They offer valuable information that aids me in managing my well-being. The adjustments are gentle and transformative. They allow me to remain pain free and feeling my best.



Climate Crisis Activist

I have been a client at Network Chiropractic for over two years. Dr. Deborah's healing techniques have worked wonders for a very severe old injury and regular weekly visits are essential for maintenance and overall wellness and alignment. I highly recommend this practice!!

Marceline Testimonial


Massage Therapist

Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond honor your body with their gentle touch following the body’s patterns. You can literally feel the spine reset. I was recently rear ended and the impact caused a serious jolt. I came out with a slight concussion and whiplash. Network Chiropractic helped me to return back to health. I strongly recommend Network Chiropractic above and beyond.



The body and mind are one indeed and the healing that comes during a Chiropractic session with Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond makes that connection palpable and real. Having had numerous other types of body work, I have concluded that the Diamond’s practice of Network Chiropractic, although gentle and subtle, is deep in its power to heal.

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