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We specalize in a Gentle, Non-Force adjustment that is designed to release tension and restriction from the whole spinal system.

Our goal is to restore maximum spinal health, function and flexibility safely and naturally.

A gentle, refined touch is all that is needed to realign the spine.
Our Community Healing Room Supports your Individual Healing
Dr. Barry Diamond D.C.
Dr. Deborah Diamond D.C.

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Video of TEDx Talk
by Dr. Deborah
"Consciousness and Healing" (17 min)

How our Technique is Different

New Neurological Approach

You are empowered

Lasting Change

We use a gentle, low-force adjustment to  help your body release chronic tension and stress patterns. This results in a deep state of relaxation that allows your whole spinal system to rebalance.
You are a partner and an active participant in this process. By awakening your body’s innate strategies of subtle movement, breathing and body awareness you will transform your spine and body from within.
The key to lasting change in the body is neuroplasticity, which means that over time your Nervous System adapts to the positive changes you experience. Your increased awareness and renewed relationship with your body will last for a lifetime.

Core Principles of Chiropractic Healing

Natural Healing Paradigm

The effects of stress and trauma

The Spine

The life force and innate wisdom in the body are the source of all healing. Helping you reconnect with your natural ability to heal through rebalancing the Spine and Nervous System is our main goal and the foundation of our work.
The spine is the central foundational structure of our bodies. The alignment and flexibility of the spine neurologically impacts the function of the rest of the body. As the spine becomes healthier many people find they feel healthier in other ways too.
Stress and trauma often lead to a buildup of deep, unconscious muscle tension that affects our spinal function and overall health.  Helping you to release these habitual patterns naturally is the key to the positive changes many of our patients experience.

transformational Changes

Many of our patients experience a variety of positive changes in addition to the reduction of back pain, neck pain and headaches, as
the mind and body develop a more harmonious relationship.

These changes include a decrease in anxiety and depression, stress and trauma related symptoms, digestive problems and sleep problems. Many people also experience more energy, creativity and happiness.