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Transformational Spinal Healing

Experience positive changes in your overall well being, as we relieve your back pain, neck pain and headaches. Our therapeutic treatments encourage a harmonious relationship between the mind and body, resulting in a decrease of anxiety, depression, stress and trauma related symptoms, digestive problems and sleep problems. Our clients leave feeling a renewed level of energy, creativity, and happiness.

In the video below Dr. Deborah explains our

Non-Force Chiropractic approach.

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Drs Deborah and Barry Diamond

Meet The Doctors

Drs. Deborah and Barry Diamond, D.C.s

Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry have devoted their lives to helping people recover and heal naturally using a 100% safe Non-Force Chiropractic healing approach. They have studied specialized techniques that involved years of Post-Doctoral study in how to get to the root cause of pain, restore function and holistically optimize people’s health.

Adjusting Room

Our Healing Approach

Adjusting Room

Since 1997 we have offered a gentle, 100% safe, Non-Force Chiropractic approach. During the adjustment session you will enter into a profound healing state of deep relaxation, during which unconscious stress patterns of stiffness, tension and trauma will be released from your spine and body. This process allows our patients to return to a higher level of spinal function and overall health and well being naturally.

Your First Visit

What To Expect

Your first visit is very exciting because together we will discover the hidden stress patterns in your spinal system, which reveal themselves as chronic muscle tension, inflexibility and imbalanced alignment. As you become aware of these patterns, your heightened awareness will support a greater release. Then you will experience your first non-force healing adjustment, which begins the process of transformation.

Dr Deborah Explains Covid Procedures


Our Patients Share their Experiences

I have been going to Network Chiropractic for over fifteen years. They are highly skilled healers and have vastly improved my experience of living in my body. They are not your average chiropractor, they offer something very special. I highly recommend them.  ~ Jill, Artist

COVID19 Protocols

Your Safety is Our Priority

We have created a number of safety and protection protocols that are outlined in the video to the right. This includes each patient having their own set of table coverings and face pillow, as well as each treatment table having its own HEPA Filter Air Purifying System.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.

Start your healing journey!

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