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As Seen on TEDx

"Healing is the ability to move through the chaos of life, and still reclaim in our body our essential nature
of balance, connection and well being."



The stresses and demands of life build up in our body and spine as chronic muscle tension, spinal stiffness and altered posture.


These stress patterns are unconscious, habitual and difficult to release. Injuries and poor ergonomics add to the stresses our body and mind have to cope with.

                The Journey: To release it all from within!

Deborah Diamond


We use a 100% safe and gentle touch on stress releasing points along the spine, which initiates a powerful Relaxation Response in all the muscles of the body.


When your body enters this natural state you release deeply held stress patterns , restore your health, and reconnect with your body’s wisdom and guidance.

               The Peace: Is your body’s natural state!

Happy Woman Twirling in the Air


Dynamic Balance: When we restore coordination and flexibility we can move and live our lives fully and joyfully.

Harmony: When our body relaxes and releases the stress and pain we enter a healing state, and experience well-being in body and mind.

Freedom of movement: All emotions activate movement in the body. When we can move freely, we can experience and express ourselves fully.

Our work supports a variety of Holistic Healing changes.

There are many conditions our patients have experienced significant improvements in.  Click Here to learn more.

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