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Absorbing Vitamin D Through the Sun

What Happens If Your Body Is Low In Vitamin D?

Vitamin D3 helps our body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, both of which we need for bone density but this is just the most commonly known function. #VitaminD is actually a steroid hormone that has many functions in the body and affects the health of almost all body systems, including the immune system (plays a role in preventing cancer) and the digestive system (helps to keep the lining of Digestive system healthy to avoid “leaky gut”).

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Healing Touch

Healing Trauma and Stress through the Body and Touch

For years Dr. Barry and I have been fascinated by how a gentle touch, which brings increased body/self-awareness along with a change in body alignment and muscle tension could have such profound and pervasive healing effects. Everything from decreased body pain (the one you expect from Chiropractic Care) to decreased anxiety, depression, sleep and digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and immune dysregulation.

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Toxic Chemicals

Is Your Home A Source of Toxicity?

Toxins are chemical substances or single elements (like lead or mercury) which cause damage to the body, or mimic the effects of the body’s own hormones causing endocrine imbalances.

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Bad Head Position at Computer
Back Health

Your Head and Your Posture

Did you know your head probably weighs about 12 pounds, similar to the weight of a bowling ball? The position of our head makes a big difference to the muscles of our neck, shoulders and in fact all the way down to our lower back!

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Hands in Sky With Beam of Light

Hands of Light

The healing power of touch goes more than skin deep.
Human beings are wired for touch. On a purely neurological level there are amazing things that happen instantaneously and powerfully in response to intentionally healing touch that can affect every organ and system in the body. But there’s more. There is energy/light too. And this goes more than skin deep. It is the energy that has the ability to shift our consciousness in minutes.

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Plant taking root from Non Force Farming

Non-Force Farming; Touching the Earth for Healing and Connection

I instinctively knew that working with the earth and plants would be a healing counterbalance for the stress and trauma brought on by all the fear, unknowns and isolation of the pandemic. It turned out that Glenn was first drawn to farming for this reason many years ago, by an instinctive knowing that this was what he needed to help him heal from stresses and traumas in his own past.

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