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Achieving New Heights with A New Website!

Achieving New Heights with A New Website!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Website!

Our new website offers new features and resources for your inspiration and education about Natural Health and Healing.

We are also now engaging on a number of Social Media Platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, which there are links to below and on the new site. We would love to invite you to engage with us on these platforms and follow and like us to you will be able to receive notices when there is a new blog posting as well as links to interesting articles and research and inspirational and uplifting information and images.

This is also a wonderful way to Share with others in your social circles and networks to help us to spread the word about the Natural Healing and health resources available in our office at on our website.

A very exciting addition to our New Website is a Natural Healing Blog written by Dr. Deborah that will be published twice a month containing interesting and valuable information and research about our Chiropractic approach, Nutrition and some of the exciting new things we are learning at the School of Applied Functional Medicine where we are both studying.

There is also a Resources tab in the Menu containing the following pages:

  • A link to our Online Scheduling feature for our active patients.
  • Handouts on core exercises and stretches, postural exercises and computer ergonomics.
  • Nutrition Page with handouts on Nutrients like Omega Threes, Vitamin D and Magnesium, along with important information about Eating Hygiene for good digestion and How to avoid Toxicity in your home and personal life.
  • Sleep Support page with a handout on Sleep Hygiene and videos of Dr. Deborah leading calming Qigong movement forms and a Guided Relaxation as a preparation for sleep.
  • Page with links for Online Supplement ordering.
  • Page of links to other Natural Healing websites we recommend.

We wanted to share our Patient Testimonials with photos and healing stories contributed by some of our wonderful patients (let us know if you have a story you would like to contribute).

There is also a new page under the News Tab called Dr. Deborah Speaks which has links to the TEDx Talk Dr. Deborah did called “Consciousness and Healing” as well as two other videos of her being interviewed on a local cable show called “Totally Well” as well as a presentation done at the Confident Women’s Consortium on Body Intuition.

As we all move forward together as a Healing Community we welcome your exploration, participation and support!

Thanks so much,

Dr. Deborah and Dr. Barry

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