Network Chiropractic
of Acton Healing Center
est 1997

We specalize in a Gentle, Non-Force adjustment that is designed to release tension and restriction from the whole spinal system.

Our goal is to restore maximum spinal health, function and flexibility safely and naturally.

Video Testimonials
and Healing Stories

(Scroll down below the videos for the healiing stories!)
Terry is a Computer Engineer
"I came in with pretty awful lower back pain and after the pain went away I experienced spiritual, mind/body development."  (2:46 min.)
Yvonne is a Registered Nurse
I" used to come for pain relief, but it isn't about pain anymore. This work has helped me to become much more resilient and I now can withstand huge physical and emotional stresses."  (2:11 min.)
Lloyd is a Musician
"I came in for back issues but the healing  experienced was much deeper and more profound than I expected."
(1:54 min.)

Angeline is a Medical Science Writer
"This has been a pivotal process in my life, it has been a source of transformation by turning off my stress response and reconnecting me to my body." (6:16 min.)
Bob is an artist and teacher.
"I came in for Whiplash and was amazed by the adjustment...it felt like I just came out of a deep meditation." (3:26 min.)
Cynthia is a watercolor artist.
"The treatment allowed me to get in tune with my body and release a lifetime of blockages." (3:28 min.)
Karen offers pet and home care.
"I came for healing of my chronic back pain and now I love how my body is working for me instead of against me." (3:55 min.)
Over the years we have been privileged to work with thousands of people and some have been gracious enough to share their healing stories with us on paper. We would like to share some of them with you.
~Female MSHS, MPH, PA-C offering Primary Medical Care Services

“Last year I herniated a disc in my lower back and compressed a nerve that resulted in severe pain and numbness down my right leg. I started out with pain killers and muscle relaxers that were minimally helpful. In an attempt to avoid a surgical consult, I decided to try the recommended services of Network Chiropractic.  

"As a primary care provider myself, I had been skeptical in the past about chiropractic care and what benefits it could offer, and the traditional method of joint cracking made me nervous about further injury. 

“Network Chiropractic employs a light touch method without cracking, and allows body relaxation and recovery in such a subtle way that I never thought possible. After the first appointment, I felt less pain and more relaxed. After several sessions, my pain and numbness improved significantly, and most importantly I began to feel empowered again.  

“Through the gentle session, I began to reconnect with my body again in a positive way. My mood improved, I stood taller, I found myself organizing better, and my relationships improved. The Diamonds understand that we all have stressors in our lives, both past and present, that can exacerbate as well as cause physical pain related to muscular tension on our spines. I see it every day in my practice, with chronic neck and back pain and tension headaches.  

“I have started to recommend this type of chiropractic care to my patients with chronic and recurrent pain as an adjunct to medical treatment to reinforce a healthy mind-body connection and in turn reduce pain and improve function. I am so grateful to the Diamonds for their insight, compassion, and healing touch. I highly recommend their practice to anyone that has chronic or recurrent pain and is motivated to get better.”

~56 year old female, previously on disability, now teaching dance.

“For almost 7 years I have had Fibromyalgia with moderate to severe back, neck, shoulder and hip pain with chronic fatigue and depression. At the introductory evening talk I was crying in pain. Now five months later it is very different. I have much less pain and much more energy, and I am happy most of the time. This was the first winter in years that I did not get depressed.

I appreciate Deborah and Barry's intuitive and wise guidance and think it helps them be very effective in their work. I am more playful and my sense of humor has returned. I am very grateful for my new sense of wellbeing and the part the Diamonds have played in my recovery.

~ 56 year old female chemist

“I have suffered from back pain, headaches, and sciatica for over 20 years. I have tried just about everything. Some things helped a bit, but I was never without considerable pain, and I was even bed-ridden for nearly a year. My energy level was very low, and I had to retire from work and most commitments due to the pain. I exercised very little and gained weight. I decided to try Network Care on the advice of my massage therapist and so I signed up for a series of appointments. Slowly the pain decreased to the point that there were many days where I was pain free. My energy level is high again and I am able to walk and exercise and my weight is almost back to normal.

  Before starting care my sciatica had been constant; I could not sit or travel. I still have an occasional flare up, but the bouts have become fairly infrequent and of short duration. Another change has been that a shoe lift that was prescribed for me years ago is no longer necessary because my pelvis has leveled out and I can finally walk barefoot again. Since my energy has returned and my pain is almost gone, my optimistic mood has returned too. The subtlety of the technique still surprises me, but a gradual healing has definitely taken place!”

~57 year old female piano tuner

"I have been receiving care from Drs. Barry and Deborah Diamond for over 9 months now and would highly recommended them to anyone interested in a very effective regime for healing on multiple levels. Throughout this time period I have experienced subtle as well as dramatic a improvements in chronic muscle spasms which have plagued me for years. Previously, no amount of a variety of treatments produced lasting results. My muscles spasms are much better and my spine feels ‘re-educated’. I feel taller, have more energy, sleep better and am generally happier.  

"I love coming in for treatments and always leave in a better mood than when I arrived. I have become more flexible and am now conscious of my posture and spine throughout the day. My body tells me when I need to stretch or do whatever I may need to do to stay balanced. Lastly, having healers who are genuinely happy and loving makes the overall experience a pleasure and inspires me to become the same.”

~51 year old female artist

"I used to have so many muscle knots in my shoulders and upper back even though I was getting massage weekly for years and now after two months of Network Care major changes and progress have occurred! It still overwhelms me. She also noticed my posture was different and continues to see more positive changes. I also feel happier for days in a row. I have also had a big improvement in headaches and bladder problems. The Diamonds have been really wonderful and caring and that makes the experience even more fulfilling.”