Network Chiropractic
of Acton Healing Center
est 1997

We specalize in a Gentle, Non-Force adjustment that is designed to release tension and restriction from the whole spinal system.

Our goal is to restore maximum spinal health, function and flexibility safely and naturally.

New Patient Information

Welcome to our Practice!

In preparation for your first visit please watch the 5-minute introductory video to the right to help familiarize you with our gentle Chiropractic approach and give you information about your examination and first treatment.

Then review the information below so you can be well prepared for your first visit.

We look forward to getting to know you and working together with you on your healing journey!

Finding our office can be tricky with a GPS so please see the detailed directions
on the Contact Us page.
Introductory Video by
Dr. Deborah Diamond D.C. (5 Minutes)

Our Office is a Scent-Free space.

Please do not wear any perfume or cologne, scented body lotion, fresh nail polish or hair spray on the days that you are sharing our community healing space. 

You are about to embark on a truly healing experience!

To get the most out of your first visit with us please keep in mind the following points:

  • ​Please bring or wear comfortable clothes and socks (we often work on points on the feet). 
  • We would appreciate if during your appointment you could keep your cell phone turned to silent.
  • The main goal of care is to release levels of stored tension patterns from your body. Therefore, the most important thing you can do during the treatment is to bring your awareness and attention into your body, spine and breath and allow yourself to feel what is present in that moment. 
  • Follow the signals that your body gives you. During your session give yourself the freedom to move, stretch or reposition on the table as inspired. 
  • Emotions and feelings can arise as stress and tension patterns release. Allow this to happen without judgement as this can be part of the healing process and ultimately it will  increase our spontaneity and aliveness. 
  • We encourage you to drink water after your treatment, as the adjustment can often stimulate a detoxification process. There is filtered water provided from the bathroom sink. 
  • Please remove all necklaces and watches, and empty the contents of your pockets into one of the round straw baskets provided at the front desk.
  • ​Your first visit will be a private visit with the doctor, but your future treatments will be in our “Community Healing Room” where there are often other clients. There is a supportive healing field created in our community room as we are in truth all each other’s healers.
  • Beginning with your first treatment, a new facet of your healing process will begin!