Network Chiropractic
of Acton Healing Center
est 1997

We specalize in a Gentle, Non-Force adjustment that is designed to release tension and restriction from the whole spinal system.

Our goal is to restore maximum spinal health, function and flexibility safely and naturally.

about us

Hi everyone!  We are Drs. Barry and Deborah Diamond.  We are both originally from New York City and graduated together from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward California in 1997.  

Dr. Barry graduated Magnum Cum Laude and Dr. Deborah was valedictorian of our graduating class. In looking back we realize that
Dr. Deborah's Valedictorian speech was on the power and mystery of Healing and that has been the foundation of our practice ever since.

Healing happens at all ages and stages of life, so having an integrative family practice has been very important to us.
Our main interest and passion over the years has been the mind/body connection, and the healing of the numerous patterns created by stress and trauma.  We want to help people to heal these patterns through changing their relationship with their body.
We have studied many Chiropractic techniques but have been drawn to the non-forceful approaches that allow the body to rebalance naturally. Over our years of practice we have innovated our own approach that has profound and transformational effects on the body/mind.
We were married in 1994, and live in Acton with our daughter. We enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, swimming and biking.  We are still pursuing our own personal growth and development through meditation and other healing art forms, and as far as we can see we will be doing it passionately for the rest of our lives. 

We also love the arts and are big supporters of creativity and 
self-expression. We enjoy dancing, singing and painting among other creative endeavors.