Network Chiropractic
of Acton Healing Center
est 1997

We specalize in a Gentle, Non-Force adjustment that is designed to release tension and restriction from the whole spinal system.

Our goal is to restore maximum spinal health, function and flexibility safely and naturally.

About our practice

We would love to give you a better insight into what you would experience working with us in our healing practice.​
Our Unique Low-Force Adjustment
 We offer a very gentle approach in Chiropractic, which releases hidden stress patterns from the body and spine. As part of the adjustment expereince, you will enter a profound state of deep relaxation.

This will support the release of the restrictive tension patterns which are interfering with the function and stability of your spinal system, and often show up as pain and stiffness. Your body will then be free to return to its natural state of balance,  alignment, flexibility, coordination and stabillization.

This makes the treatment highly safe, comfortable and healing. 

As your spine naturally decompresses and realigns, you will likely feel a freedom of movement, reconnection with yourself, increased body awareness and a sense of wellbeing.

Holistic Approach
We take a holistic approach to health and healing. We cover topics including nutrition, supplemetation, ergonomics and back supports, stress, posture, sleeping position and pillows, exercise and stretching and body awareness.
Goals of Care
Many people initially contact us because they are suffering from some kind of pain in their body.  They may have had this pain for a short time or chronically for many years. We are proud to say that we have a very high rate of success in helping our patients to dramatically reduce or eliminate many of these symptoms.  We are extremely happy with these results, but pain relief is potentially only the beginning.  

We now see the healing path as ultimately leading  to an experience of a deeper and more authentic connection with ourselves, more peace and harmony in our body/mind and increased clarity and guidance from within.  So, whatever your goals might be we will be here to support you through
the healing process.  
​​​ Community Healing Room
All living beings are interconnected, not simply as an idea but at the deepest levels of Being. 

We do not heal in isolation, but rather through our connection with our own deeper selves and each other.  The Community Healing Room creates a space for this important element of healing.
New Patient Orientation Class
We have a weekly 30-minute New Patient Orientation Class where we share our continually evolving understanding of the science and philosophy of our work, including how you can participate in each treatment to get the most benefit.  We invite all potential and new Patients to join us for this valuable program.
​​Who can we help?

Stresses and injuries affect us throughout our lifetimes so we work with people of all ages from young children to seniors.

We have helped many children and adults recover from concussions, Migraines and many stress-related conditions in addition to the classic back and neck pain.